Writers in the Expanded Field
Writers in the Expanded Field

I’m a Central Saint Martins graduate (MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries) with a background in storytelling studies and the first aim of my research and consequential project is to find a way to design the novel of the future: the autobiography that all of us are writing on social media but we’re probably unaware of the creative potential of self-narration. 

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We manipulate the narration of ourselves because of the channel of expression we use, the public we communicate to, and the purpose we have. Everyone has access to a platform of self-expression, social media, that has no precedent in media history. At the same time, the Big Data approach is putting a big boundary on collecting social media data and at the same expressing creativity and emotional content. 

What if the novel of the future is your autobiography on social media, and what if it has a sound?

I’ve translated the emotional arc of narration resulted from my Facebook data into music by having the most positive word as the highest note and the saddest word as the lowest note using the database hedonometer (high notes are perceived as more positive and low notes as more negative). In this way, my Facebook data became a line and then, notes of a melody. 

Words became numbers, numbers became notes which were combined with the audio of the videos on my timeline: all the process can be automated by using AI.

Even if I try as hard as I can to look, sound, act like someone else, my data will always be unique. No one will have my same data the same way no one else will carry my same exact genes.